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We’re specialists when it comes to plant hire – Geelong wide

Other areas that we also cater to are Werribee, the Surf Coast and the Bellarine peninsula


We can offer:

Choose from our fleet of trailers, vehicles and trucks, which come with a wide range of attachments that are useful for all types of earthmoving applications. Not sure how to handle heavy excavation machinery? Our maintenance service crew is available 24/7 to help you onsite.

Posi Track Bobcat Hire

We have a huge number of loaders (posi tracked) or bobcat with tracks available for hire. These vehicles allow higher work output compared to wheeled skid steers. They’re excellent for use in slippery, sandy or boggy areas since they cause little compaction and greater traction.

Excavator Hire

We offer the plant hire Geelong market a good range of large and mini excavators both for residential and commercial contractors. Our equipment is state of the art and is supplied fully fueled. A good assortment of buckets, attachments and machine specifications are available so that you and your team will be able to pick the best equipment for your earthmoving projects.

Truck and Dog Hire

For all earthmoving projects needing bulk removal of general waste materials like concrete, soil, or bricks, we offer our truck and dog hire services. As with all our other vehicles, these machines are hired together with our carefully selected skilled operators. And like all the other equipment we offer the plant hire Geelong market, these are well maintained and thoroughly serviced before and after each contract to ensure optimum performance.

Do you need other types of earthmoving vehicles not listed here? Contact us and we will do our best to find them for you.


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