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We Provide Reliable Services in Landscaping Infrastructure– Geelong wide

We’ve been providing unparalleled service since 1994


We offer landscaping infrastructure services like designing, maintaining and improving outdoor land areas, both residential and commercial in nature. We have experienced and hardworking workers available on call to do specialised jobs like moving general debris or installing preventive structures like erosion barriers. They’re equipped with an extensive selection of trucks, dogs and trailers, which suit all types of construction activities and are available for hire at unbeatable rates.

Erosion Barrier Installations and others

Erosion barriers or retaining walls are physical structures installed to control the effects of water or wind erosion. This is done in areas that are not completely flat or have irregular terrain. Our group offers skilled manpower needed to build, fix or reinforce these structures. They’re also experienced in earthmoving activities meant to develop landforms for residential purposes.

Plant Hire for the Landscaping Geelong Wide Market

No landscaping job is accomplished efficiently without the tools and equipment needed to either move materials in bulk or demolish run down structures. Our extensive fleet of excavators, posi tracked bobcat, trucks and dogs are well maintained and serviced regularly. Our fully licensed operators are capable of troubleshooting all kinds of machine-related issues onsite.

Supply and Delivery of Quarry & Construction Materials

Our philosophy is simple, we aim to provide our clients everything that they need for their landscaping and earthmoving projects – both small scale or large scale. Aside from the manpower and the heavy machinery, we also supply construction & quarry materials. We offer these at competitive prices with free delivery to all locations in Geelong, Werribee, the Surf Coast and the Bellarine peninsula.

If you need excavation products and services not listed here, please let us know and we will do our best to provide them for you.


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