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Professional Operators Make Your Excavation Project Easier

Excon Group is a Geelong based company that works closely with commercial businesses to provide excavation assistance for small and large projects. We can do something as simple as digging a ditch or excavate a large job site for the construction of new buildings. We never take your job into our own hands. We always work closely with our clients to follow your timeline, budget, and project details. You don’t have to worry that our operators will alternate from the original project details, and if changes need to be made, we will always consult with you first.

Plant Hire Services

Excon group has excavator equipment for hire, and you can get a qualified operator for anything you commission through Excon Group. We service all of our equipment before and after every job, and you will always get a fully fuelled excavator upon delivery. We also offer bobcat hire, dingo hire, and a wide selection of different pieces of equipment that make the process of excavation easier. Don’t have the equipment you need for a current project? Let Excon Group supply what you need so you can meet your deadline.

Follow Up Services

When the job is done, that doesn’t mean we don’t offer follow up services. Do you need help with continued clean up? Do you have another project you need assistance with? Did you need to visit the job site to do some last minute work? Excon Group is happy to help you with any follow up services you need or provide you with more plant hire for future jobs. Call us today to see how our experience and dedication helps you get your job done.