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Meet Your Deadlines by Outsourcing Your Earthmoving Projects

Excon Group has decades of experience helping construction businesses in the Geelong and surrounding areas meet tight deadlines and complete time consuming projects. Sometimes you need the assistance of a professional, competent excavation company who can supply not only the equipment you need but the professional operators to work the equipment. Excon Group is your perfect solution for getting your earthmoving job done and getting it done right the first time. We pride ourselves on exceptional service both in customer interactions and on job sites.

Soil Removal Services in Geelong

Excon have over 10 years experience in major soil removal services in the Geelong area. Not only do we remove the soil from your site, we can also excavate it too. Site preparation along with soil removal is an extremely important part of the building process as it needs to be done correctly the first time, and on time. The planning and preparation of soil removal is key, especially for larger projects as delays can prove costly affecting all the following stages of construction.

Soil Removal Costs

Each job or project is unique and there are many factors that will affect the overall cost. We are experts at this process so can supply accurate quotes with a site visit. Amount, access, type and what machinery is required will all come into play. Give us a call for an accurate quote to find out the cost of soil removal.

Commissioning Excon Group Services

Before you contract with us, we will visit your job site and give you a free consultation that includes the approximate costs for the job. Our consultant will work closely with you to discuss your timeline, budget, and project details so that we insure complete understanding of the project. You can visit our location and see what earthmoving equipment we have available for hire and speak with a representative about using one of our highly skilled operators on your job site.

We Work Hard For You

When you commission us to complete a job for you, we take it seriously. Whether you need help with excavation, debris removal, quarry deliveries, or retention wall design and completion, we work hard to finish the job on time and to stay within your budget. In fact, we believe that every job is adjustable to some extent. So if you need to adjust the timeline, budget, or details of the project we will hard to accommodate you. Don’t stress about missing a project deadline. Let us help you with your earthmoving projects and experience the benefits of outsourcing with Excon Group.