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Get Professional Results with an Outsourced Landscaping Project

Do you have a residential landscaping project that you want to outsource to a professional company rather than tackle the job yourself? Excon Group offers landscaping services for individuals who need help redesigning their yards. We have all of the professional equipment you need, like a dingo hire or truck hire, including fully trained equipment operators who will work the job site. Our professionals have all of the safety training necessary to keep your home project safe and secure.

Excavation and Grading

Do you want to pull up your existing yard and replace it with fresh soil? Do you need to cut down trees or fill in areas of the yard with soil that will compact well and make the surface of your yard stable? Excon Group can provide the right equipment to excavate your yard, remove the old soil and rock, and replace it with fresh suitable landscaping materials. We will also use our equipment to grade your yard so that you have a smooth, flat surface for laying sod or planting trees, flowers, and shrubberies.

Retention Wall Building

Before the project begins, our consultant will let you know if your yard would work better with the construction of retaining walls. These walls help prevent erosion from weathering and can make the structure of your landscaping stronger. Excon Group will be happy to design and construct proper retaining walls for your yard so that you don’t have problems with flooding or soil erosion.

Whether you need a dingo hire or want the temporary use of a bobcat for debris removal, Excon Group will provide what you need to get the yard you want. We’ve been serving the Geelong area for decades and promise that you won’t be disappointed in our services.