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Construction Materials Supply & Small Demolition Jobs

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Construction Materials

Construction Materials

We supply construction & quarry materials at affordable prices. These are sourced locally and available for delivery to any locations in Geelong, Werribee, the Surf Coast and the Bellarine peninsula. Some of the products we deliver are cement, stone, gravel, mulch, sand and rubble. Others are aluminium for molding and window frames, bricks for walls and driveways, and concrete for floors, walls and barriers.

Small Demolition Jobs

We accept small demolition jobs for indoor structures like old staircases, basements, walls and tool sheds. For outdoor projects, we tear down and rebuild preventive structures like erosion barriers and retaining walls. We also remove wiring, plumbing, concrete, metal, wood and other materials from homes & small constructions sites.

Small Demolition and Safety Equipment

Our crew is well equipped with the basic tools needed for small demolition jobs like nail pullers, claw hammers, pry bars and forcible entry tools. Our crew are in top physical condition and comply with all OH&S; standards. Our crew are well trained and equipped for the job and have all training records on hand. We put safety first.

Concrete Removal Services

Small demolition jobs are what is necessary for complete concrete removal, but removing concrete obviously varies as much as the way it was used. Demolition isn’t always necessary. For most domestic jobs concrete removal will require a professional, not only because of knowing the right tools for the job, but having the skills to do so. We have a full range of the latest equipment with highly trained and qualified operators to make short work of any concrete removal job, big or small. We will then dispose of the concrete as part of the project.

Concrete Removal Cost

Removing concrete is varied, costs can range from about $2 to $6 dollars per square foot. The average cost for a homeowner to have concrete slabs removed is approximately between $700 and $2,800. Obviously these are just examples and you will need an accurate quote which we will be happy to provide. Costs can often be reduced by recycling the concrete if it complies.

We also accept small demolition jobs for structures not mentioned above. This includes concrete, wood or metal structures like outdoor decks, tree houses, garages, and scaffoldings used in small construction sites. Aside from the basic demolition tools mentioned above, our workers are trained to operate all sorts of power tools like crushers, jackhammers, sabre saws and demolition hammers.

We dig trenches and ditches, backfill excavations, put up temporary structures for use in construction sites. We clear garages and move leftover construction materials like sand, gravel and soil. Disposal of all kinds of debris is done in compliance with local guidelines. We only consider a job done after a thorough clean up of the work site has been completed.

For any other clearing jobs not listed here, please feel free to call us for information.

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