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Speaking of Concrete Slabs installation in Melbourne, Vic Excon Group has established itself as one of the most reliable concrete slab contractors & concrete slabs Melbourne suppliers.

With over 20 years of experience under our belt, our speciality lies in producing & installing superior quality concrete slabs in Melbourne for all your needs. 

Concrete slab installation reviews from Melbournites for our past work are stellar & we are known for our excellent work & professionalism.

Our team has experience working with all kinds of concrete slabs in Melbourne. And we have a solution for all your needs, be it waffle slabs, raft slabs, concrete polishing, standard concrete slabs, concrete grinding or concrete driveways.

We’re always available for a chat. Call us for all your doubts & queries regarding installation or concrete slab costs from wherever you are in Melbourne. 

We are here to answer all your questions so that you can trust us entirely for your next project. Our promise? We deliver the perfect slab every time!

What to Look for in Professional Slab Concreters Melbourne?

The experience & expertise of your slab concreter in Melbourne will impact the strength, durability & quality of your concrete slab. Some of the factors that will help you find the best professional concrete slab company in Melbourne are as follows:


Look for an experienced concreter. Ideally, you should look for a concrete slab contractor with at least five years of experience. With over twenty years of industry experience, if it is concrete, our team of experts at Excon Group can do it all.


When your concrete slab contractor presents you with a quote, ensure there’s a clear definition of all costs. A concise quote helps you to understand & manage costs better. At Excon Group, we provide a formal quote and maintain transparency at all times.


When selecting a contractor, ensure that they are insured. At Excon Group, your safety is a top priority. Our public liability insurance will cover both you & your establishment in case anything goes wrong during the procedure.
Our team is committed to delivering high-quality services that match your expectations. We are always ready to address all your queries about your project & provide consistent customer support throughout the process. Our top priority is to deliver the best results within the time frame.


Why Choose Us for All Your Concrete Needs

Experienced and Professional

With over 20+ years of experience, we can do it all.

On-time Service

Making sure every job gets done to perfection and right on time.

Quality Work

We do the job right the first time. You can trust us for your next project.

Unmatchable Prices

We offer competitive prices with a free quote and consultation.

Guaranteed Customer Satisfaction

We won’t be satisfied until you are 100% satisfied.


We offer quality workmanship and excellent customer service throughout.

Connect with us for high-quality, premium local concrete slabs in Melbourne.
Get a visit from us or consult over the phone for an obligation-free quote.

Benefits Of Concrete Slabs MELBOURNE

Concrete slabs Melbourne are gaining popularity as a home construction material. And quite rightly so. Some of the reasons why builders and homeowners prefer this structural element for home building are as follows:


Concrete slabs in Melbourne are significantly less expensive than basements or crawl spaces.


Concrete slabs provide excellent thermal mass. And you can even insulate them for better efficiency.


Concrete slabs in Melbourne provide excellent protection against moisture.


Concrete slabs can withstand heavy loads & last for very long. These slabs require very little to no maintenance for years.

Added protection

Concrete slabs also provide excellent protection against insects such as termites.

Types of Concrete Slabs We Work With

Raft Slabs

Durable & long-lasting, these slabs are an ideal choice for the foundations of a new house or a building. They can effectively carry heavy loads and require much less digging.

Waffle Slabs

Ideal for patios & walkways, these slabs are a favourite of those looking for something different. You can even customise these slabs to match your exteriors.

Standard On-Ground Slabs

We provide Standard-on-ground residential & commercial concrete slabs in Melbourne. Manufactured using only the best techniques & high-quality materials, they are custom-made for particular sites & climatic zones. These slabs are known for their durability & longevity.

Slabs For Polished Concrete

Are you looking for polished local concrete slabs floor in Melbourne to set your polished concrete apart & give it a modern look? Well, we have just the perfect slabs for you!

Concrete Driveway Slabs

Our driveway paving slabs are stunning to look at & designed to last long. These slabs require very little to no maintenance & can withstand heavy loads.

Difference Between Poured-In-Place Slabs & Modular Slabs

Poured-In-Place (PIP) Slabs

When large sections of concrete need pouring, concrete contractors use PIP slabs. They provide the structure with extra strength & stability. Hence they are used in commercial & industrial constructions. These slabs often require a support framework for the cement till it hardens completely.

Benefits of PIP slabs include:

Modular Slabs

These slabs are lightweight subfloor panels. Concrete contractors directly install them over a prepared surface. Supported by joists, these slabs need no framework. These slabs require very little to no pre-work before pouring & hence offer accelerated construction.

Benefits of Modular slabs include:

WE are expert in installing concrete slabs Melbourne

Pros Of A Concrete Slab Over Concrete Sub-Floor

Some advantages of installing concrete slab over concrete sub-floor are listed below.

Cons Of A Concrete Slab Over Concrete Sub-Floor

Some disadvantages of installing concrete slab over concrete sub-floor are listed below.

It entirely depends on you to decide which concrete option you want. However, it would be beneficial for you to analyse the pros and cons of both options before deciding. Consult us for affordable concrete slabs near me in Melbourne. We are expert & best concrete slab contractors in Melbourne, vic & offer various services. Call us to know more.


You need council approval for any modifications or alterations you make to your property. However, the State exempts some projects from this, depending upon their size, valuation or nature of the project. Seek advice from the local council about approvals before starting your project.
A concrete slab is a flat, horizontal structural element often found in modern buildings. Concrete slabs in Melbourne find wide applications in the construction industry
Yes, you can extend concrete slabs in Melbourne. It involves a lot of changes to your current home because concrete slabs have several prerequisites & requirements. And it includes adding building components like fixtures & utilities.
No, you cannot move a concrete slab. Concrete slabs are an integral part of any construction. They are a supporting element for the floors & allow activity in built environs to ensure an even distribution of load from all activities across its surface area.
Almost any structurally sound concrete slab can be polished. Older concrete slabs can be more difficult to polish than newer ones. Consult your concrete slab contractor in Melbourne to find out if your concrete slab can be polished or not.
Experts generally advise against doing so because the rain affects the strength of the concrete as it cures. It is because water is already present in the concrete mixture & additional rainfall can dilute it. The rain also washes away the cement in the concrete mix & weakens it. The slab might develop cracks, or the curing process could get delayed. All of this can affect the strength & durability of the concrete.
The National Construction Code (NCC), Australia, states that installing a vapour barrier is a necessity for a Class 1 building (i.e., a dwelling) and a Class 10 building (i.e., a garage or a shed), where the concrete slab gets installed as a continuation of the Class 1 building. The features of the vapour barrier get determined by the criteria specified in clause of the Australian Standard AS2870 for Residential Footings & Slabs.
Usually, sheds and garage spaces do not need concrete slabs. However, if your shed won’t have a built-in floor, you must install a concrete slab before. The slab anchors the walls of your shed & provides additional strength & structural support to the walls.
Concrete slabs in Melbourne take surprisingly little time to set enough. Typically, the concrete starts hardening within 4 to 8 hours of pouring. And it takes about 24 to 48 hours to become hard enough to walk on without leaving any marks.
Typically, concrete slabs start to harden after 4 to 8 hours. And it becomes solid enough to walk or drive on without leaving marks after 24 to 48 hours. However, these timelines can significantly vary depending on the weather conditions & the thickness of the slab.
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