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Polished Concrete Melbourne, VIC

Excon Group provides specialised concrete polishing Melbourne, VIC. Call us for a consultation or a query.

Concrete polishing Melbourne is a hot favourite flooring option. It is low maintenance, budget-friendly and adds a lot of character & appeal to the space. 

Polished concrete is considered a sophisticated, high-quality yet cost-efficient option in Melbourne households and commercial properties. At Excon, we work with our clients to give them floors that are durable, long-lasting & aesthetically pleasing.

Our professionals are highly recommended & have over 20 years of experience in the industry, and our work speaks for itself. 

Our services include concrete polishing in Melbourne western suburbs, polished residential concrete floors, concrete grinding and polishing, residential polished concrete floors in Melbourne, commercial concrete flooring, and industrial concrete flooring in Melbourne.

We are here for a chat or a call. Reach out to us if you are looking for a concrete polisher hire in Melbourne or if you have any polished concrete Melbourne flooring queries & doubts. 

We have a solution for all your industrial, commercial, and domestic flooring needs in Melbourne area. Our promise? We make your concrete projects easier, hassle-free, efficient & effective.

Commercial Polished Concrete Solutions in Melbourne

Polished concrete is one of the most favoured flooring options in commercial space. That is because such floors require very little maintenance and have a sophisticated finish. Art galleries, showrooms, airports, retail outlets, hotels, cafes, warehouses, office spaces, salons, spas, retail buildings, and banquet halls are all opting for this flooring option.

What Makes Concrete Flooring Ideal for Commercial Spaces?


Concrete flooring is not labour-intensive. Therefore, its installation is more cost-effective in comparison to other options.

Durability & longevity

Concrete floors, when correctly done, can last very long & withstand significant wear & tear. Hence, concrete flooring is ideal for spaces undergoing a lot of activity and hustle & bustle.

Low maintenance

Concrete floors are low maintenance. All they need is regular moping.


Concrete floors have a negligent carbon footprint rating. And hence installing them is not only economical but also eco-friendly.

We at Excon have extensive experience in commercial concrete flooring Melbourne. We offer various colour, design, pattern, and texture options for our clients & provide solutions tailored to fit all of their specifications.

Connect with us for high-quality, premium concrete polishing Melbourne. Get a visit from us or consult over the phone for an obligation-free quote.

Why Choose Us For Concrete Polishing Melbourne?

Concrete is a hard-wearing, durable & eco-friendly material. However, with time, under normal circumstances, it too starts chipping away & develops cracks and holes due to constant wear and tear and dust accumulation. But that is where we come in.

Our team of experts, professionals and technicians come with over 20 years of industry experience. And we provide best concrete polishing in Melbourne for residential, commercial and industrial spaces. 

New or existing floors, our experts have extensive experience in providing solutions for it all. We are one of the leading names providing top concrete polishing Melbourne.

Our team of experts are determined to provide you with gorgeous yet durable & long-lasting floors for your homes or establishments. Get in touch with us for a consultation or a quote.

Polished Concrete Melbourne Process

At Excon Group, we customise the concrete polishing Melbourne according to the client’s needs. However, the following steps are involved in all concrete polishing processes.

Polished concrete floors in Melbourne are visually appealing. They are glossy, sleek, cost-effective and very easy to maintain. Moreover, their sophisticated finish makes it a preferred flooring choice for modern homes, commercial spaces, showrooms, galleries, retail spaces, offices, and more.

Polished Concrete Advantages

Polished concrete flooring is an aesthetically pleasing, cost-effective flooring option in Melbourne. Moreover, residential polished concrete Melbourne floors, commercial concrete flooring, and industrial concrete flooring in Melbourne have several advantages and hence gained much popularity in the construction industry. Some of the benefits of this popular flooring option are listed here.

Connect with us for high-quality, premium concrete polishing Melbourne. Get a visit from us or consult over the phone for an obligation-free quote.


Although polished concrete surfaces look as smooth as glass, they are not slippery when wet.

Any concrete surface, old or new, can be polished. Consult with your contractor to check if your floor is suitable for polishing.

It starts with grinding the concrete for desired surface or texture. Then the floor is grouted to fill all the cracks on the floor. The concrete is then chemically hardened using concrete densifiers. It is finally polished using a series of polishing resins for the desired gloss & finish.

Polished concrete is highly durable & lasts incredibly long. If installed & maintained correctly, your floor can last up to 10 years or more.

Polished concrete in Melbourne is significantly cheaper than tiles. The costs drop further if you already have a concrete slab installed.
No. Polished concrete floors have high thermal mass. Hence, your floors remain warm in winters & cool in summers. You also enjoy the added benefit of saving on your electricity bills.
Sometimes, you can do polished concrete over tiles. However, you must discuss it with your contractor before planning for the same.
You can have polished concrete in your bathrooms, provided your building inspector approves it. Such a surface is slip-resistant & hence ideal for wet areas such as bathrooms.
Yes, you can have polished concrete outside. However, you must take extra precautions to avoid any slip & fall incident that might occur because of the smooth finishing of the surface.
Yes, you can paint polished concrete. The surface of the concrete requires roughening up before the paint is applied.
Depending on the size, area, intricacy, & level of the polish, concrete polishing in Melbourne can take up to 3 to 4 days.
No, polished concrete is very cost-efficient. The rates, however, can fluctuate depending on the project.
In both burnishing & polishing processes, the result is a smooth, glossy surface. While the results are similar, each has some distinct feature that sets them apart. The main difference between the two is that burnishing is done after the pouring process & polishing happens after curing.

Other differences include burnishing results in a smooth & hard surface & polishing results in a smooth surface with a fine & glossy finish. A wax-based product or topical coating is heated, melted & rubbed on the surface to create the burnished effect. However, grinding, chemical concrete densifiers & polishing resins are used to create the polished surface.

Any PH neutral product.  This is important to the life of your floor.


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