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best Concrete Polishing Geelong

Excon Group is a leading provider of concrete polishing in Geelong. Get in touch with us for a free consultation or to get a quote for your concrete polishing projects in Geelong.

Polished concrete in Geelong is cost-effective, easy to maintain and adds sophistication & character to any space. It is no wonder that economical yet aesthetic polished concrete floors are quickly becoming a hot favourite in Concrete Polishing Geelong’s commercial, industrial & residential spaces.

Excon is a reputed name in the concrete flooring industry. And our experts relentlessly work with our clients to provide aesthetically pleasing yet durable, long-lasting, and sustainable floors. With over twenty years of industry experience, our experts can handle all your concrete flooring needs.

You can trust our expertise & experience for upgrading your floors, renovating the old ones or installing new floors. We are here for all your concrete flooring needs & we’ll ensure that the job meets all your expectations!

Our experts have experience in dealing with a wide range of concrete slab laying, polishing, and grinding and sealing projects. And we’ve been helping local homeowners & business owners with highly personalised flooring solutions for their needs. We establish high standards of service and timely delivery of your projects without compromising on the quality or your safety.

We are just one call away from answering all your flooring queries. Connect with us anytime if you are thinking of installing a new polished concrete in Geelong or are looking to repair your old floors. Our experts are committed to making the entire process seamless and hassle-free for you, so you can rely on them for your next project.

We have solutions for all your commercial, industrial, and residential concrete polishing Geelong flooring needs. Our promise? We ensure the job gets done with absolute perfection and at unmatchable prices!


Why Choose Us for Concrete Polishing Geelong?

Concrete is a highly versatile construction material with a wide range of applications. It is long-lasting, sturdy, and has a negligent carbon footprint. Concrete has become a popular flooring material because of its high resistance to corrosion, easy availability, strength, and longevity. Moreover, it is viable in a wide range of climates without eroding. Hence offices, galleries, showrooms and even homes in Geelong have started adapting this flooring choice.

Thinking of getting an impressive new concrete floor for your home or establishment? Well, you are at the right place! 

At Excon Group, we work with concrete experts with over 20 years of industry experience to provide high-quality, premium, and customisable concrete polishing in Geelong services

For new floor installations or renovating old ones, our experts are qualified & experienced in handling all kinds of flooring options for commercial, industrial, and residential spaces.

Excon Group is one of the most trusted concrete floor polishing services in Geelong. Our experts attend to all of your needs to provide you with beautiful yet sturdy floors that fit your budget.

 Get in touch with our concrete polishing Geelong team for a free quote.

Connect with us for high-quality, premium concrete polishing in Geelong, VIC.
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Commercial Concrete Floor Polishing Geelong

Polished concrete Geelong is a popular flooring choice for commercial space owners. Apart from their sleek and sophisticated finish, they are a sustainable, economical and convenient choice. Retail spaces, warehouses, airports, art galleries, hotels, spas, cafes, and showrooms are all opting for this highly functional and versatile flooring option.

Benefits of Choosing Polished Concrete Geelong for Commercial Spaces

Listed below are some benefits that make polished concrete for commercial spaces in Geelong an ideal choice.

At Excon Group, we have extensive experience in providing high-quality, premium polished concrete flooring in Geelong. We offer our clients with various textures, designs, patterns, and colour options. We then deliver highly customised solutions tailored to their requirements.

Concrete Polishing Geelong Process

At Excon Group, we customise our polished concrete Geelong services according to the project’s demands. However, the process for preparing the polished concrete floor remains the same.


It is the first step in the process. Our experts grind the concrete surface to create the exposure desired.


In the next step, our experts grout the floor to remove any imperfections from the surface of the concrete, like cracks and holes.


In this final step, our experts use different polishing resins to give the surface the finishing you have chosen.


In this step, our experts use chemicals such as concrete densifiers to harden & toughen the concrete surface. We do this to ensure its longevity.  

Concrete polishing Geelong is in high demand. These floors have a glossy, sophisticated, and sleek finish. Despite the glossiness, these floors are surprisingly sturdy, and they’re highly slip-resistant, making them ideal for places with heavy footfall. Moreover, the visual appeal of these floors makes them the go-to flooring option for industrial, commercial and residential spaces.

ADVANTAGES Polished Concrete Geelong

Are you considering polished concrete floors for your Geelong establishment? Here are all the reasons that make polished concrete a popular flooring choice in Geelong.


Polished concrete floors are highly versatile. And unlike other flooring choices, they look great in all environments— industrial, commercial or residential.

Stunning Aesthetics

Polished concrete offers a lot of choices in terms of colours, patterns and finishes that are aesthetically pleasing.


Concrete is more resistant to damage than most other flooring materials. Thus polished concrete floors have a very long lifespan.


The cost per square metre for polished concrete in Geelong is significantly lesser than other flooring options. Moreover, it gets further reduced if your establishment already has concrete slab flooring.

Low Maintenance Costs

Polished concrete is easy to maintain & all it needs is regular mopping .


Since no hazardous chemicals are involved in its installation and maintenance, polished concrete floors are also good for the environment. .

Get in touch with us for a free consultation about installing polished concrete flooring in Geelong for your home, garage, warehouse, office or building. Our experts will visit your space & suggest the best concrete flooring solution to suit your needs. We offer highly customised solutions to our customers at competitive prices. Get an obligation-free quote from us now.


Generally, timber floorboards are always more expensive to install than polished concrete in Geelong. Moreover, the maintenance costs for these floorboards are very high, whereas polished concrete requires very little maintenance.
No. The high thermal mass of polished concrete ensures that your floors remain insulated. In other words, your floor will stay warm during the winter months & cool during the summer months.
Polished concrete is becoming a popular flooring material in Australia. That is because it is very affordable & requires little maintenance after installation. Polished concrete is a great, cost-effective alternative to options such as tiles.
Yes. You can consider installing polished concrete for your outdoors in Geelong. At Excon Group, our experts ensure that your polished concrete floor is slip and fall resistant to avoid accidents because of the surface’s smoothness.
Polished concrete floors have a smooth glass-like finish that might look slippery. However, these floors are not slippery even when they are wet.
Polished concrete is a highly customisable & versatile flooring material. It allows various choices, such as patterns, finish, look, and feel. And you can pick from any of those, as per your wish.
The concrete should be allowed to cure for at least four weeks (28 days) before the polishing process can begin.
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