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Concrete Grinding experts Melbourne, VIC

Speaking of Concrete Grinding services in Melbourne, Vic Excon Group is one of the most trusted & well-known names as a concrete floor grinding company in Melbourne.

Concrete grind and seal is gaining popularity as a lower-cost alternative to concrete polishing & grinding in Melbourne. It retains the aesthetics of a polished floor while also ensuring durability & longevity at a significantly lower cost. Our experts have extensive experience and have handled all grind, epoxy flooring, concrete polishing & grinding in Melbourne.

Concrete is a versatile construction material that finds application in almost all construction purposes. It has become a favourite of Melbourne residents for sidewalks and pavements or home and garage floors.

However, this all-rounder construction material has its limitations too. And that’s why we provide a wide range of services for all your concrete-related problems. From supplying & installing new floors to grinding & polishing your existing ones, we do it all without compromising on our high quality & safety standards.

As concrete grinding Melbourne experts with over twenty years of experience under our belts, we understand the importance of delivering a hassle-free experience to our clients. Our team of experts work relentlessly to ensure that the job is done right & on time, irrespective of the client’s requirements. We incorporate the latest technologies & equipment to provide high-quality concrete floor grinding services Specialists in Melbourne.

We offer commercial, retail & residential concrete grinding in Melbourne. Our promise? We ensure that the work meets our high standards & is done right in the first go itself, on time, every time!


Why Choose Us for All Your Concrete Needs

Experienced and Professional

With over 20+ years of experience, we can do it all.

On-time Service

Making sure every job gets done to perfection and right on time.

Quality Work

We do the job right the first time. You can trust us for your next project.

Unmatchable Prices

We offer competitive prices with a free quote and consultation.

Guaranteed Customer Satisfaction

We won’t be satisfied until you are 100% satisfied.


We offer quality workmanship and excellent customer service throughout.

Connect with us for high-quality, premium concrete concrete grinding and sealing services in Melbourne. Get a visit from us or consult over the phone for an obligation-free quote.

Grind and Seal Process

Concrete grinding and sealing is a popular flooring option in Melbourne as it offers the highly polished finish of polished concrete floors at a significantly lower cost. Moreover, this flooring option is also especially suited for external use.

The grind and seal process involves just what its name suggests. In this process, we grind your concrete floors to remove any imperfections or faults and seal the ground floors using a topical sealer. While we follow different procedures for grinding and sealing, and polishing, the results are surprisingly similar. Moreover, this process is not as labour intensive as concrete polishing & does not require as many steps. Hence it is a cheaper alternative to polished concrete.

The finish obtained in this process is similar to polished concrete that sometimes even experienced contractors fail to tell them apart. Additionally, grind & seal floors are spill-resistant and stain-resistant. And if needed, the floors can also be sealed using a polyurethane sealer that provides extra protection from spills or stains.

While this flooring option is popular in Melbourne, we advise against the concrete grind and seal for places getting heavy foot traffic or homes with pets and kids since it is very susceptible to damage & scratching.

Connect with us for all your questions and queries about Melbourne concrete grinding & sealing solutions. Our experts will walk you through the process & recommend flooring options that suit your needs. We offer all our clients quality services at highly competitive prices.

Advantages of Concrete Grinding Melbourne

There is a reason why commercial, retail & residential concrete grinding in Melbourne has gained popularity as the preferred flooring choice. Concrete grinding has several unique advantages & some of these are listed below.

What Can You Expect When Working With Concrete Grinding Services in Melbourne?

At Excon Group, our experts have extensive experience. And your requirements, doubts & queries are our top priority. As a concrete floor grinding company Melbourne, we have a comprehensive approach to concrete floor grinding. When working with us, you can expect the following

What Are The Benefits Of Concrete Grinding?


Typically a concrete grinder is used to grind a concrete floor. Many DIY-ers consider doing it on their own, but it is advisable to get an expert.
With the right expertise, devices & technology, any pre-existing concrete can be ground. However, the ease of grinding concrete & the difficulty involved depends on the age of the concrete slab & its surface area.
Yes. Grinding the concrete is a must to remove the sealer from the floor’s surface & provide a smooth profile for the epoxy coating.
It takes around 3 to 5 days to complete grinding & sealing an existing concrete slab.
The quantity of concrete you can grind depends on the grinder used. A typical concrete grinder can grind up to ⅛ inch of concrete with every pass.
The clean-up process must start as soon as the renovation is complete. You can begin with wiping & vacuuming the dust. At Excon Group, we assist you every step of the way, from providing a quote to cleaning up after the job.
Crystalline silica is present in the dust generated by grinding concrete. When inhaled, it can damage the lungs. At Excon Group, we use advanced technology & equipment, such as engineering controls like local exhaust ventilation, dust control systems & other technologies to reduce dust generation.
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