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Excon Group is known for expert concrete grinding services in Geelong. Connect with us for concrete grinding services for your residential, commercial or industrial spaces in Geelong

Grind & seal concrete floors supplies in Geelong are high in demand as a great alternative to polished concrete Geelong floors. The reason is that these floors retain the aesthetic & functional aspects of a concrete floor at more budget-friendly rates. Affordable & sustainable, this flooring option enhances your concrete floor’s durability & enhances its longevity.

As a construction material, concrete is a popular choice these days. Commonly used in the construction, repairing and restoration of driveways, pavements, homes, and floors for sheds and garages, concrete is not only versatile & durable but also very environment-friendly. But its durability has its limits too. And that is where we come in!

With over twenty years of industry experience, we provide our customers with an extensive range of services like concrete slab laying, floor restoration, driveway paving, concrete grinding, and more in Geelong. And we always ensure that all our projects meet the highest quality standards without compromising your safety.

At Excon Group, we believe in making your concrete projects efficient, easy, effective, and hassle-free for you. We achieve that by combining the latest technology with top-of-the-line machinery. Installing a new floor or repairing an old one, our experts can do it all & more. Connect with us for all your concrete floor grinding needs in Geelong.

In the past two decades, we have consistently helped local homeowners & businesses with all their concrete needs. Our promise? We’ll get the job done right, the first time, every time!


Why Choose Us for All Your Concrete Needs

Experienced and Professional

With over 20+ years of experience, we can do it all.

On-time Service

Making sure every job gets done to perfection and right on time.

Quality Work

We do the job right the first time. You can trust us for your next project.

Unmatchable Prices

We offer competitive prices with a free quote and consultation.

Guaranteed Customer Satisfaction

We won’t be satisfied until you are 100% satisfied.


We offer quality workmanship and excellent customer service throughout.

Connect with us for high-quality, premium concrete grinding solutions in Geelong. Get a visit from us or consult over the phone for an obligation-free quote.

Grind and Seal Process

The name of the process tells you precisely what is involved in it. In the grind & seal process, our experts remove any imperfections on your concrete floors and seal them using a topical sealing material. Although the concrete grinding and sealing process are quite different, the outcome for the two is very similar.

In fact, the finish obtained in both processes is so similar that sometimes even an experienced eye can fail to tell the difference between the two. However, the grind and seal process does not require as much equipment or processes  & hence it is not as labour-intensive. Moreover, the grind & seal concrete floors are also suitable for external use, as well, unlike other concrete floors.

Another benefit of grind and seal concrete floors that make it a popular choice, especially in Geelong’s commercial spaces, is that these floors are resistant to spilling and staining. Additionally, our experts can make your floors more resistant to spills and stains by using a polyurethane sealer. Concrete grinding is a preferred choice of flooring in Geelong since it provides the look & feel of concrete at significantly more affordable rates.

Get in touch with us for a consultation about concrete grinding services in Geelong. Our experts will provide you with a solution tailor-made to suit your needs perfectly. We’re just a call away & we’ll try to resolve all your queries, questions, and doubts you may have about your concrete flooring requirements.

Advantages of Concrete Grinding Geelong

Residential concrete grinding in Geelong has become a popular flooring choice in residential, commercial and industrial spaces, and there’s good reason for that! Some of the reasons which make concrete grinding the go-to flooring choice in Geelong are listed below.

Spill & Stain-Resistant

Grinding makes concrete non-porous. Hence the floors are resistant to spills & stains, making them very easy to maintain.


Grinding makes the concrete’s surface level, therefore making it more slip-proof. As a result, the floors have a reduced chance of slipping or tripping.

Multiple Options

Grinding allows for a wide variety of exposures & finishes that the customer can choose from.

Ideal for Outdoors

The slip-proof & spill-resistant properties of a ground concrete surface make it a perfect choice for the outdoors!

Enhanced Durability

Grinding removes the imperfections on the concrete surface, making it more durable & adding to its longevity.

New Look & Feel

Grinding removes the old membranes, coatings, and adhesives from the old floor & gives it an entirely new look.

What Can You Expect When Working with a Concrete Grinding Company in Geelong?

At Excon Group, our experts treat your needs & requirements from the project as the top priority. As Geelong’s top concrete floor grinding company, we take a comprehensive approach to the process. Working with us, you can expect your project to proceed in the following manner.

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Once you fix an appointment with us, our experts will visit the location to evaluate the floor. Based on this assessment, our experts will suggest the renovations needed & provide you with a quote for the same.

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Once you get back to us with a confirmation, our experts, technicians, and engineers will take up the project & start the work. The first step in the process is preparing the surface. It involves cleaning the floor to remove any existing adhesives or membranes.

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After the cleaning, our experts use tools such as concrete grinders, industrial-grade vacuums, and diamond tooling to create the desired exposure through grinding.

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Our experts use mortars, densifiers, and grout, as needed, to repair any damages and imperfections on the floor, such as holes and cracks. They then seal the floor as per your specifications.

What are the Benefits of Concrete Grinding

Various benefits make concrete grinding a great flooring choice in Geelong.


Yes, we can grind through almost all types of concrete, including aggregate concrete. Grinding the aggregate concrete will give the surface a smooth finish. Moreover, it will expose the rocks and create a visually appealing look which is also surprisingly easy to clean & maintain.
Yes, after grinding, the concrete must be washed. The entire process creates a dust build-up that must be dealt with immediately or might take a long time to clean if allowed to sit.
Yes, new concrete must be ground before painting. We grind your new concrete before painting it to give it a proper smooth surface before applying the paint.
We use concrete grinders for grinding the surface. We then use grout & densifiers to seal any existing damages & imperfections on the concrete surface. Finally, we use polish resins to achieve the desired finish for the concrete surface.
Typically, grinding & sealing an existing concrete slab takes up to 3 to 5 days. The timeframe for this can, however, vary depending on the size of the slab & how deep it will be ground.
Yes, it is possible. However, you must consider the condition of your concrete before attempting to do so. Consult with our experts before doing so.
Before starting the grinding process, our experts will fix all the holes, cracks and other damages to your concrete.
Expansion gaps or expansion joints are planned cracks introduced on the surface of the concrete to allow it space to expand or contract. Because of their irregular shape, not grinding the joints will make them visible on the surface. Hence, we grind them to ensure a smooth finish.
Grinding gives the surface of your concrete floor a smooth surface by removing all the inconsistencies & imperfections like cracks & holes. Grinding the concrete surface preserves it from damage & extends its durability greatly.
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