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Concrete Driveway Contractors in Geelong


Concrete Driveway

Need to replace an old crumbling driveway that’s dangerous? Or maybe you want to build a brand new driveway to your home? Excon are expert converters in the Geelong area with over 10 years experience in all kinds of concreting for commercial and domestic use. We can create any driveway finish or style you require from decorative to slabs. We will be on time, in budget, meet all building standards and regulations, and above all – go beyond your expectations.

Expert Driveway Concreters

Excon are a full service company so will begin by accurately quoting, excavating (inc removing of old concrete, drainage inspection, pouring or laying of concrete slabs to your desired style. Then we cut, clean and seal, leaving you with a perfect driveway.

Signs Your Driveway Needs Repairing or Replacing

Do you have any of the following issues? If so, we can help, we can repair or replace, just give us a call for a quote.

Surface Cracks – Cracks are generally caused by just old age but can also be because of heavy vehicles or objects on the drive that the concrete wasn’t designed for. It will only get worse and substances like oil, gas and salts will more easily reach your foundations which will make the cracks worse.

Potholes – Similar to cracks, potholes can just be wear and tear, but will get worse over time and can damage vehicles.

Poor Drainage – Most driveways have at least one drainage mechanism built in, often a slight incline. If this has eroded or the driveway subsided then the excess surface water will increase the above problems.

Weeds – In the centre of your driveway, weeds and plants coming through means the foundations has aged or is damaged. Weeds will gradually open up cracks and again lead to worsening symptoms.

Whatever your reason to replace, repair or remove your driveway, hiring Excon as your professional concreters will ensure a professional job completed on time and in budget, so just give us a call.