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Get Your Home Improvement Project Done Faster with a Bobcat Hire

Do you have a small excavation project that would be easier if you had the right equipment? Excon Group provides businesses and individuals in the Geelong area with all of the necessary trucks and equipment needed for all types of earthmoving projects. Whether you want to dig out an area for a swimming pool or need to make space to build a basement, a bobcat hire will make your job easier. All of our plant hires are serviced before and after use, making it safe to use our equipment. If you don’t know how to operate large equipment for earthmoving projects, we will send a professional operator who will follow your stipulations to get the job done.

Remove Debris from Job Site

A bobcat hire is the perfect solution if you need to remove debris from your job site or have a muddy area to navigate. This machine has great traction and won’t slip or slide under wet conditions. Don’t make your home improvement project any longer than it needs to be. With the right equipment on hand, you can increase the speed at which you work and see your project come to completion faster. If you use one of Excon Group’s professional operators, you can work on a different area of the project while our operator handles a different aspect of your project.

Affordable and Professional

Excon Group strives hard to provide affordable plant rentals in the Geelong area for both commercial businesses and residential projects. Don’t let the assumed cost of a bobcat hire scare you off from inquiring about our services. You may be surprised at how affordable it is to hire out equipment and operators while decreasing your project completion time. Call us today to see how we can help you finish that home improvement project.