10 Factors To Determine the Cost of Polished Concrete

Many homeowners with present-day and trendy preferences appreciate the polished concrete floor’s appearance and low maintenance requirements. But deciding on the final choice and determining the cost can be tricky. Isn’t it? If you are looking forward to determining the cost of polished concrete, your search ends here! Today’s blog post mentions all the essential factors that will help you know the polished concrete cost.
Most concrete floor installations can be relatively affordable if you already have a concrete slab ready for staining, polishing, coating or overlay. Size, colour, finish, and customisation options for flooring can significantly impact the bottom line. The cost can also get affected by the elements like extra surface preparation or working around barriers like cabinets. Apart from these factors, here are the top factors that will help you determine the cost of polished concrete.

1. Materials and Colours

As contractors must spend time mixing colours or applying them individually, using numerous shades of stain or dye on your floor will raise both your material expenses and labour costs. The cost also increases with the increasing cost of labour and material due to epoxies or metallic coatings.

2. Size and Shape

The polished concrete floor’s cost per square foot is often cheaper for larger floor space. For instance, the square-foot pricing for a small residential floor will be greater than the square-foot price for a large commercial floor. Surface areas with curves or angles will be subject to additional fees because it will raise the need to navigate.

3. Design

If you have a customised design in your mind and want the final look of polished concrete to be built as per your preference, you may have to pay more. The customised work of embedded objects, ornate saw cuts, stencilled graphics, and the installation of metal divider strips are some design aspects that may significantly increase the labour and supply costs automatically. But the experts say the finished look will be aesthetically pleasing enough to make it worthy.

4.Surface Preparation

Before ornamental finishes can be applied, cracked or damaged surfaces are patched or prepared. The price of surface preparation, such as cleaning, grinding, removing adhesives or stains, and repairing cracks or spalls, can increase the cost per square foot.

5. Complexity

The complexity directly affects the polished concrete floor’s cost. The higher complexity of a project leads to the usage of a higher amount of hand tooling that expands project length. To present an example, a square building’s 100m2 area with 40m of edges and four internal corners can get executed by special hand tooling that will need less effort. In contrast to which small room’s area will need more effort because the handwork required will be more.

6. Obstacles

Installing polished concrete needs years of experience, and it can be done only by specialists. Navigation of several entrances, cabinets, stairs, other impediments, and material price influence the cost. The more navigation is required, the more concrete polishing costs will increase.

7. Moisture-Vapour Transmission

Most coatings, overlays, or sealers cannot be applied to some floors because of their high moisture-vapour transmission levels. It may impact the final colour. It is typically not a problem with stained or polished concrete floors. By understanding the issues brought on by excessive moisture-vapour transmission, you can select the best option to fit into your budget for concrete polishing costs.

8. Convenience

Another significant factor that can help you determine polished concrete cost is the accessibility to the area and floor where it is supposed to be installed. The specialists need the availability of cranes or any lift if the work is to be done in multiple stories. Utilising this lift might cause the cost to increase but not having this accessibility is not an issue. You may ask the workers to operate with lighter machines.

9. Quality and Condition of the Concrete

The current quality and condition of polished concrete play a key role in determining its cost. If you want an Eco-Industrial finish and your floor has been laid well with a smooth surface, the work will get completed with fewer efforts, leading you to pay less.
On the other hand, if the floors previously had tiles and were damaged during removal, fixing the damage will impact the final appearance and the price per square metre.

10. Durability

When considering the upfront and ongoing maintenance costs throughout the polished floor’s lifetime, you must evaluate various flooring options. Many flooring solutions may be initially less expensive to install but will ultimately cost more in the long run since they require considerable routine care, refinishing, or replacement. In contrast, due to concrete’s resilience, longevity, and minimal maintenance requirements, the initial cost may be higher than other materials but affordable in the long run as it’ll need less maintenance.
These were the factors to help you determine the cost of polished concrete. To help you more with this, here’s what you should know –

Which Concrete Flooring is Affordable?

Simple overlays, light polishing, and basic staining cost about the same as long as the present surface is in excellent shape. An overlay would be a better choice to conceal the repair work if there is a lot to be done. There are numerous ways to alter the finished appearance.

In a Nutshell,

Whether a residential or commercial property, flooring holds much importance for the look of the space. To get the best flooring, ensure to check on the cost factors. The price of a polished concrete floor can vary widely depending on variables. Some of them, like the project’s intricacy, are within your control; others, like the size and state of the building, are not. Thinking about all the cost factors mentioned above can help you get the best estimation for the cost of polished concrete flooring.
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